The two secretaries and me

An office threesome

When I tell you that a few days ago I experienced an office threesome you'll probably think I work in a swinger club. But I don't. Ours is the usual standard, run of the mill, everyday office. Although I have to admit that we have some secretaries of truly exceptional beauty, and none is more beautiful than a girl called Betty. Well, one of these secretaries, Betty, was number 1 in our threesome, her much less beautiful but very ardent friend was number 2, and I was number 3.

The scene I stumbled upon when, during lunch break, I entered our secretary pool to leave the girl that often works for me the tapes from a meeting with a client she had to type up was more than remarkable.

I opened the door and the first thing I saw was a naked butt. And what a marvelous butt that was! It was all round and firm, and it shivered with what could only be sensual pleasure. Right and left on the hips I saw hands, and I heard a soft, choked moaning and some smacking sounds. It was a while until I realized what was happening there. You hear a lot about sex at the office, but normally rumors are about a guy fucking a secretary or a girl sucking a cock. A secretary licking the pussy of another secretary is quite another matter!

When it finally sunk in what I was witnessing my cock went into immediate overdrive, nearly ripping apart my fly. It must have been at this very moment that the two girls realized they weren't alone anymore. The one standing there with her naked ass turned around, and I saw it was Betty, a stunning redhead with a breathtaking figure in front as well as from behind. She had kept her blouse on, and her nylons, and had only put away her skirt and her panties, which I saw lying on the floor, discarded, but I was so eager to see her naked snatch of which I had dreamed about lots of times now that I couldn't speak and couldn't move.

She beckoned to me, smiling, and like a robot I finally set myself in motion, the tapes still in my hand, until I stood beside her. Now I could see that the girl that usually types for me, Kate, was kneeling in front of me. She looked up at me and smiled without the slightest shame as if lesbian sex games at work were something quite ordinary.

Now Betty bends forward at the waist, with Kate's face still between her legs, and her ass cheeks opened, showing the alluring cleft. I couldn't control myself anymore. Throwing the tapes on a desk, I stepped behind Betty, grabbing her ass with both hands and groping for the wetness between her legs. She spread her legs a bit more, nearly crushing Kate's face with this movement. Her hands came up behind, fumbling for my crotch. I helped her free my cock, and then she guided me into the wetness which sucked me up and sucked me in. Finally, I was fucking her, vying for room at her wet snatch with Kate's tongue!

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